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The EU updated the tyre labelling rules and made them effective from 1st May 2021. Since it is mandatory to install only EU-labelled tyres in the UK, you should know everything about the new inclusions before purchasing tyres Nottingham.

We at Extra Grip Tyres stock EU-labelled tyres and our team of specialists can explain to you the various details of the newly updated EU tyre label precisely. This will help you in making informed choices.

We have enlisted the recent additions in the EU tyre labels as per the European Union’s recommendations in the following section. You can consider going through this list before making a selection from our tyre inventory.

Recent EU tyre labelling inclusions:

Wet Grip

This parameter determines the wet grip performance of car tyres and the rating ranges from A to E. Vehicle tyres with an A rating offer outstanding braking performance on wet roads, whereas the ones rated E perform poorly.

Noise Rating

The EU recommends an ABC rating to measure the noise emission of vehicle tyres. A-rated tyres will emit low noise. A B-rated tyre offers a significant amount of external noise. However, tyres with a C rating have been completely banned. Moreover, the noise emission level will be represented in decibels on the tyre labels.

Fuel Efficiency

Similar to the wet grip index, the fuel efficiency of vehicle tyres will also range from A to E. If you install A-rated tyres, you can enjoy unmatched mileage. However, E-rated tyres come with poor fuel efficiency.

Additional changes

Besides the above parameters, there are other additions to the EU tyre labels. You should consider knowing about them before buying tyres Nottingham.

  • EU labels of Nordic winter tyres will now come with a stalagmite symbol.
  • Tyres meant for snow performance will have a 3PMSF symbol. Before purchasing winter tyres, make sure to check this mark.
  • Finally, all the tyres will have a unique QR code. If you scan this code, you will get detailed information of the tyre directly from the EU database.

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