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Installing car tyres of the manufacturer's recommended tyre size is vital for optimal car handling, driving stability and safety.

Tyres of incorrect tyre size increase the risk of safety-related issues and lead to reduced driving comfort.

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At Extra Grip Tyres, we offer you an exhaustive collection of vehicle tyres Nottingham available in various sizes.

Do you find it difficult to read the complex alphanumeric tyre size information?

Read the guidance below before proceeding to buy tyres Nottingham.

A guide to reading tyre size

You might have seen an alphanumeric code like, for example, 185/60 R14 82H embedded on the sidewall of a tyre. This code is the car’s tyre size and consists of multiple elements like:

Tyre Width

185 signifies tyre width and is represented in millimetres.

Aspect Ratio

60 is the aspect ratio of this corresponding model. This is the tyre's profile height. It is represented as a percentage of the width.

Type of Construction

Letter R denotes the tyre has radial construction.

Rim Diameter

The rim diameter in this above code is represented by 14 and is measured in inches.

Load Index

The load index of this tyre is represented by 80. It indicates this tyre's maximum weight-carrying capacity when fully inflated.

Speed Index

Speed index, denoted by the letter H, is the permitted limit a model can run at with the maximum load. It is 130 mph in this instance.

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