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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a workshop offering a free tyre pressure check Nottingham?

Look no further than Extra Grip Tyres.

We use tyre pressure gauges to provide an accurate reading of your cars’ tyre pressure level. In case the tyre pressure is not at its optimum level, we will inflate or deflate it accordingly.

Disadvantages of incorrectly inflated tyres

Over and underinflated car tyres can compromise your driving comfort and handling control leading to safety-related incidents.

Here are some consequences of using incorrectly inflated tyres:

  • Excessive tread wear on the sides and centre of a tyre
  • Compromised braking efficiency
  • Poor cornering precision
  • Reduced or increased tyre-to-road contact leading to car handling issues
  • Substantial risks of tyre blow-out and more

So, it is important to get a tyre pressure check Nottingham at least once a month to ensure your car tyres have the recommended air pressure level.

How Can We Help?

If you visit our facility for tyre pressure check, our experts will first check the existing air-pressure level of your car’s tyres with a pressure gauge. Then, they will inspect the tyres carefully for leakage or other damages.

Ideally, the tyre pressure level for car tyres ranges between 30-35 psi. We will refer to the owner’s manual of your car to find the exact tyre pressure level as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our technicians will then re-inflate or deflate the tyres to restore the manufacturer recommended pressure level.

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Please call us on 0115 979 0429 instead of searching for a “tyre pressure check workshop near me”.

You don’t need to have an appointment for a free tyre pressure check. Simply visit us at Unit 3 Redwood Court, Salisbury Street, Radford, Nottingham NG7 2BQ on any working days. We are happy to help!

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