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With decades of intensive research and innovation, Continental has been known for launching several top-class tyre products. Moreover, it is the original tyre supplier to leading brands like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover, among others.

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Reach out to us - Extra Grip Tyres. Our collection includes top-quality Continental tyres Nottingham across various sizes and categories.

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Top Continental Models:

Eco Contact™ 6

Its high-tech silica compound helps in improving rolling resistance which results in enhanced fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Moreover, this tyre is formulated with an SSR system, a run-flat technology to keep the tyres compatible during a puncture.

Winter Contact™ TS 870

The Triple Sipe Concept in this tyre ensures reliable control and reduces the braking distance on ice- and snow-covered roads. Besides, the Hydro Grooves maximises water evacuation preventing the risk of aquaplaning.

All Season Contact™

The Traction Silica Compound in this model offers an excellent grip and braking performance. Moreover, the combination of open shoulders is excellent for hydroplaning performances.

In addition to this, we stock Continental models from various other categories such as 4x4, performance, run-flat and more.

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