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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Are you experiencing odd juddering on the steering lately?

This could be due to faulty weight distribution across the wheel assembly. Remember that unbalanced wheels can seriously impact car handling, thereby leading to reduced driving comfort and safety.

Extra Grip Tyres offers reliable and cost-effective services of wheel balancing Nottingham with the help of top-grade tools and industry-best techniques.

Factors affecting wheel balance

These are some of the major factors that may affect the standard weight distribution across your vehicle’s wheel assembly:

  • Certain manufacturing defects in your car tyres
  • Incorrect wheel installation to hubs
  • Worn-out or damaged shock absorbers

Major signs of wheel imbalance

If you notice any of the following issues, you need to opt for a professional wheel balance check and rectification:

Strange vibrations

Odd vibration across the steering column is one of the key signs of a wheel imbalance. You may also feel such vibrations across the floorboard and seats.

Uneven tyre wear

Do you see asymmetric tread wear patterns along the edges of your car tyres?

This can be the result of uneven weight distribution across the wheels.

Contact our professional facility for a wheel balance check and rectification if you notice uneven tread wear along the edges.

Reduced fuel economy

If your car seems to be using more fuel than usual, wheel imbalance may be the cause.

Driving on imbalanced wheels can put additional strain on your car's engine and reduce its fuel efficiency. For dependable wheel balancing services, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

How do we perform wheel balancing?

We employ experienced technicians who perform precise and reliable wheel balancing services Nottingham. Our wheel balancing service will include the following steps:

Step 1: We will start by carefully removing the wheels. The tyres will stay on the rims.

Step 2: The wheel will now be mounted on our sophisticated wheel balancing machine and rotated quickly.

Step 3: Our experts will take notes on the readings to identify and pinpoint all areas of imbalance.

Step 4: Once our team identifies the areas with faulty weight distribution, we will rectify the imbalance by attaching small counterweights to restore standard weight distribution across the wheel assembly.

Step 5: Our experts will reinstall the wheels and check the pressure in each tyre to complete the process.

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