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Kumho Tyres

We are happy to announce that we are once again a Kumho Tyre dealer. This allows us to offer our customers a good quality mid-range tyre at competitive prices. Kumho is our mid-range house brand and here is why we recommend Kumho.

Kumho is a leading tyre manufacturer that provides tyres for cars, trucks, vans, GP racing cars, and even fighter jets. They are formulated for an excellent road grip and long-lasting performance. This brand is perfect if you are searching for top-quality tyres.

Are you a supercar enthusiast looking for a tyre with excellent dry and wet handling at higher speeds?

Ecsta PS91 from Kumho tyres are a suitable solution.

Don’t know any retailer who stocks Kumho tyres Nottingham?

Reach out to us - Extra Grip Tyres at Unit 3 Redwood Court, Salisbury Street, Radford, Nottingham NG7 2BQ.

We are a trusted solution for all your “Kumho tyres near me” searches.

Want to check out the collection?

Take a look at the top models available with us:

Solus 4S HA32: All-season Tyres

This model offers a well-balanced performance in different weather conditions. As an all-season variant, it provides excellent wet handling and superior snow traction. Moreover, it is optimised for superior mileage and fuel efficiency.

Winter Craft WP71: Winter Tyres

This model facilitates an excellent braking performance on snow and ice with its superior soft compound. The advanced tyre contour design helps in enhancing performance and improving driving stability on snow and ice.

Ecowing ES31: Summer Tyres

This tyre is formulated with eco-compounds to reduce fuel consumption and ensure it adheres to environmental friendly standards. Ecowing ES31 offers excellent traction and performance on both dry and wet tracks with enhanced wet grip technology.

Apart from these, we also stock the following performance and 4x4 models:

  • Ecsta PS71
  • Ecsta KU39
  • Road Venture AT61
  • Road Venture MT KL71

Want to buy tyres from us but can’t visit our facility?

Just book your required variants online from our website.

Need further assistance?

Please dial 0115 979 0429 or drop us an e-mail at sales@extragriptyres.co.uk.

We are happy to help!

All tyres by Kumho Tyres
Kumho AT52
Price from £121.82
Kumho AT61
Price from £89.30
Price from £118.14
Kumho CW51
Price from £119.30
Kumho CW51 W
Price from £107.40
Kumho CX11
Price from £116.48
Price from £62.94
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